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In December of 2008, an Aeration Project petition was circulated and approved by South Bay residents.  Of 133 Riparian properties, 74 (55%) signed in support, 25 (19%) declined to sign and 34 (26%) could not be reached.

On January 27, 2009 the petition was presented to the Portage City Council for their approval, but was withdrawn due to technical reasons.

The Portage City Council reactivated Austin Lake's Governmental Lake Board (GLB) (see tab to left) so on August 12, 2009 the Riparian Board voted to re-submit the aeration proposal to the City Council in hopes it would be referred to the GLB.

On Sept 8, 2009 the City Council voted to receive the communication from the Austin Lake Riparian Board for improving the south bay. City Council directed the City Administration to prepare a Resolution consistent with the request to refer the aeration concept to the Austin Lake GLB for consideration.

The City Manager prepared a Resolution and asked the City Council to approve it at the Sept. 22, 2009 meeting.

On Sept. 22, 2009 the City Council voted unanimously to accept the City Manager's Resolution.  This meant that City Council would be handing the request over to the Austin Lake GLB for consideration. The GLB, a separate entity from the City, determined the next steps, which should include more cost and feasibility studies, and communication of its findings back to Council.  See our GLB page for more information on this topic.

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